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Milford best mold removal mold

Our provider began in 2004 as a way to make people that are dealing with hazard to their home or business. For over a decade, we have provided our personnel with continuous training and attention in order to provide our customers help through- out the actual process.

Our Beliefs

Response Time: We arrive in 59 minutes or less for all primary blaze crises, daytime or overnight. Opening day is fundamental when faced with a ardour. Faster effect times can prevent further damage which will reduce cost.

Care& Values: We know how hard it can be to work with a fire, which is why are team is that from create until end.

Trained and Certified: Our workers are trained in burning, smoke and soot removals and stay up to date with the latest solutions in burning harm reconstruction.

Icon Property Rescue

24 Whitney Dr, Milford, OH 45150

(513) 426-6911


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